Social Night Injustices

Here comes another well-deserved weekend. A time when the majority of us can find rest and relaxation in our lives. It may also be a time to go in, rage, go ham, turn up etc. This is when people of all races take to the streets in search of inebriation and cathartic music,  though social … Continue reading

Dark Raving Mad

Being a Black man in America has always been scary.  The United States has used us as slaves and turned a blind eye to or advocated us being publicly slaughtered. The Federal Bureau  of Investigations has executed plots against our communities that sought to destroy our leaders and suppress rebellion. Law enforcement agencies have sicked dogs on us, disproportionately accosted us, used excessively violent force … Continue reading

No Love From The Club

I went out with some friends last weekend.  We went to a club called Hole In The Wall, a cool spot with cheap drinks, beer pong, billiards and a dance floor.  The crowd is usually diverse, and it was New Year’s weekend, so the night was bound to be popping.  We used to go to … Continue reading