No Time for Excuses?

Yesterday, President Obama delivered what could prove to be a seminal speech at Morehouse College’s 2013 commencement ceremony. During the speech, which was considerably less “safe” than what I expected and what Mr. Obama has shown at other commencements, he touched on issues at the core of Black male identity and made some very personal … Continue reading


Just look at that picture. That’s Robert Franklin, president of Morehouse College, beefing. How many school presidents do that shit? But really, I love the fall. It’s my favorite season, and traditionally has been one of roadtripping to various homecomings and such. My father went to NC A&T, and as anyone from here knows, their … Continue reading

The Truth about “Diversity” (Pt 2 of 3)

Actually this is the last part of the Truth About Diversity. A three part story sounds like much so the gist of the other story is that all black women in diversity ads look like this: Thanks to Maddox for that picture. Moving on, In my journeys I came across an actual white supremacist’s site … Continue reading

The Truth About “Diversity” (Pt 1 of 3)

I happen to be on my grad school department’s diversity committee as well as the minority recruitment team at my place of employment. When I was asked to do a diversity website review of other schools and departments to see if we could add something, I did a week-long search through both corporate and school … Continue reading

The Morning Laugh (Awkward Unintentional Racism)

I love unintentional racism, where oblivious beige people have no clue they are offending others with stereotypes, etc. This is a sketch from CollegeHumor and I find it simply hilarious “I Love Martin Luther King”