From a Black Person to Niggas: Why the Food-Service Industry Hates you.

Before I begin this letter, allow to me to first properly classify who and what niggas are for the purposes of this letter, and for those who may not be aware of their status or have failed to recognize how their behavior affiliates them with this flag.  Nigga(s): N, Adj: person (s) that are rude, … Continue reading

Gluten-Free? Ain’t for Me

So some folks at my office are trying to start a Gluten Awareness month where we all pledge to eat gluten less and be healthier and whatnot. It sounded like a good idea to me. Some folks brought in some gluten-free jellybeans that I really like (although they cost like $4 a bag) and there … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Exclusive Eats

Website: Twitter: Category: Food/Dining Description: A guide to a lot of the great trendy spots to eat for socialites and young professionals in Atlanta. Reviews great spots for young folks to eat around the area and has a lot of lesser known spots. Provides reviews for price points, service and “fabulosity” (it’s a very complex … Continue reading

The Potluck~An Office Survival Guide

Look, odds are if you work at an office or are in grad school you’ll be invited to some sort of potluck dinner (or lunch during the day). The invitation will tell you to bring a dish (or even what type of dish) and the people will tell you that the potluck is “kinda like … Continue reading