Music’s Biggest Night?

Music’s biggest night isn’t always its best. That’s the conclusion that I had already come to by the time last night that it became clear that we were watching an extended eulogy of sorts to the art form that the Golden Gramophone was originally built on: Rock n’ Roll. With Led Zeppelin and Paul McCartney … Continue reading

Life and Times: On Jay-Z

Birthdays aside, I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while. It first occurred to me that I wanted to write something about Jay-Z when I was watching the very last campaign event for Obama the day before the election in Ohio. Jay-Z opened for the POTUS in one of the coolest things I’ve … Continue reading

Why Lupe Fiasco Needs to Chill

Lupe Fiasco, pictured in his video for "Bitch Bad"

Some time ago, I began to write a post about Lupe Fiasco in an attempt to make sense of his change in musical style/subject matter (which I don’t think has shifted much, but many seem to) through an analysis of his song, “Bitch Bad”, from his forthcoming album, “Food & Liquor 2: The Great American … Continue reading

How Frank Ocean Impacts “Black” Music

To begin, this post isn’t primarily about Frank Ocean’s sexuality or what it means to the hip-hop/R&B genre, one that is famously rigid in gender roles and definitions of sexuality, but it is partially about that. Any nuanced discussion about Frank Ocean’s recent stellar release, “Channel Orange” and its place in music today must at … Continue reading