How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the USMNT

**Editor’s note: This post comes to us as a contribution from @BaelessSkip. We don’t talk much about the Beautiful Game here, but I know there are some fans. So take a little time to read this¬†if you don’t watch a lot of soccer and enjoy his perspective on why Black Americans should root for the … Continue reading

Five Things You Should Know About Race in America

This guest post on the national environment in the wake of Michael Brown’s tragic death comes to us again from @SeeSenyour. Follow him and check this piece for ideas on how to get involved.   In the wake of the Michael Brown tragedy, my hometown of St. Louis is both literally and figuratively on fire. … Continue reading

Half a Mile From Heaven

Today’s #BlackExcellenceMonth post will be a special one. Since I know ¬†everyone is all worked up over Valentine’s Day (Michelle O hasn’t yet responded to my request for her to be my Valentine that I put in in ’09 but it’s just a matter of time), I wanted to give you guys something special. One … Continue reading

The Freedmen’s Epistles

In today’s #BlackExcellenceMonth post, I bring something both old and new that’s pretty exciting to me. Letters from a former slave, Jourdon Anderson, to his master have been circulating around the internets for a few days and they struck me as pretty amazing. If you haven’t seen it, I hate taking up so much text … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Little-Known Black History Facts

Website: Category: Humor/Black History Description: Yeah we all know that Obama is the first Black President and that Ralph Bunche was the first Black person to win a Nobel Prize (we do all know that, right?), but has anyone ever wondered who the first Black person was who stole TVs during the LA riots? … Continue reading

28 Black People Who Make White People Uncomfortable (Nat Turner)

Most of you reading this know at least a bit about Nat Turner. Yeah the guy who led that slave uprising somewhere that was really violent and kind of worked but they ended up all getting caught, right? Sure most black folks who learned anything past MLK and Malcolm X in Black History know at … Continue reading