Speak Not In Mournful Numbers

It’s Black history month. You know what that means: elementary classrooms all across this nation of ours will be inculcating in the impressionable youth names like Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Park, Marcus Garvey, and Thurgood Marshall. A diverse group of talented individuals that make up approximately 13% of the country will be reduced to … Continue reading

No Time for Excuses?

Yesterday, President Obama delivered what could prove to be a seminal speech at Morehouse College’s 2013 commencement ceremony. During the speech, which was considerably less “safe” than what I expected and what Mr. Obama has shown at other commencements, he touched on issues at the core of Black male identity and made some very personal … Continue reading

The HBCU in the Coal Mine

I may be breaking protocol by writing this, and I’m definitely going against some other alums’ wishes by doing so, but I’m writing this post about some goings on at my alma mater, Morehouse College, that are certainly important to the school, and perhaps to the general HBCU and higher education landscape as well. I … Continue reading