The Last Black Man

Summer blockbuster season has become a time to witness  The End. Ends of cities, ends of civilizations, ends of worlds (and the rare ends of universes). This year’s summer box office has had and will have no shortage of apocalypses, with a long list of films featuring the ends of worlds and exciting new replacements … Continue reading

The Breakthrough

It finally happened. Eighty-five years after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences began recognizing leaders in the still-developing field of film, it finally happened. An honest, painful, but ultimately cathartic film about slavery with a Black director and Black lead actors won Hollywood’s highest award, the first time a “Black” movie did so. … Continue reading

Red Tails-A Review

I’ve been meaning to put this out for a couple of days now, but with the site redesign and all the changes I just totally forgot about it. Well here it is… I saw Red Tails last week. I wanted to love it. I really did. I wanted to like it as much as other … Continue reading

Cool Runnings: The Best Movie Ever

There’s a lot of good movies out there. I’ve seen a lot of them. From watching Citizen Kane to Dr. Strangelove to modern stuff like the Matrix and Inception, I estimate that I’ve spent perhaps  three quarters of a year of my life watching movies. I really like them. As a writer, there’s something special … Continue reading

I Am Legend

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been relocated to the good old District of Columbia for a summer internship. I work right across from the Hill and I’m in and out of there just about every day. I’ve been here for going on two weeks and, while I love my job, something … Continue reading

Black Frankenstein

Sorry I haven’t been posting much recently. Got sold to a new master out in DC and I’ve been learning the ropes. This place alone has inspired many posts in my head so stay tuned. Now on to the story. So Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein: or, the Modern Prometheus” is one of my favorite books. Who … Continue reading

Failing The Black Movie Test

You have all seen it. The Black Test.  It’s when a Black person thinks that another Black person might not be racially socialized properly.  I’ve failed it many times, but only because Black people seem to always use movies as test material. It’s not my fault. My parents were both immigrants, and they kept me … Continue reading