Music’s Biggest Night?

Music’s biggest night isn’t always its best. That’s the conclusion that I had already come to by the time last night that it became clear that we were watching an extended eulogy of sorts to the art form that the Golden Gramophone was originally built on: Rock n’ Roll. With Led Zeppelin and Paul McCartney … Continue reading

Life and Times: On Jay-Z

Birthdays aside, I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while. It first occurred to me that I wanted to write something about Jay-Z when I was watching the very last campaign event for Obama the day before the election in Ohio. Jay-Z opened for the POTUS in one of the coolest things I’ve … Continue reading

How Frank Ocean Impacts “Black” Music

To begin, this post isn’t primarily about Frank Ocean’s sexuality or what it means to the hip-hop/R&B genre, one that is famously rigid in gender roles and definitions of sexuality, but it is partially about that. Any nuanced discussion about Frank Ocean’s recent stellar release, “Channel Orange” and its place in music today must at … Continue reading

The Train

Since today is Hump Day and in light of the recent news of the sad passing of Don Cornelius (now officially ruled a suicide), I wanted to do something  a little different for today’s #BlackExcellenceMonth post. I had another 1000 word post in the works but I figured today I’d just give you some of … Continue reading

“Actually, I Prefer Punk Rock”

I love hip-hop. It defined my youth and was the music that helped guide me into developing my own identity in the world. I’m a verified “hip-hop head” and I study the past and present of the art form like someone is paying me for it. That said, I really hate when people assume that … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: The Perfect Square

Website: Twitter: Category: Writing/Journalism/Music Description: In its own words: “The Perfect Square provides news, discussion and interactive social analysis born from the actual, lived, experiences of young, Black Americans. Our content is focused on a comprehensive approach to culture, entertainment, news, politics, and education.” Honestly, if you want to learn how to put … Continue reading

The Best Blogroll in the Universe: Blake Von D

Website: Twitter: Category: Fashion/Entertainment Description: First off, let me start by saying this blog just looks fucking awesome. I’m gonna take some style elements, for real. This site is really a smorgasbord of all things popular culture. Music, entertainment, gossip, personal, but with a focus on fashion. Ladies, visit here and I’ll guarantee you’ll find something … Continue reading

28 Black People Who Make White People Uncomfortable (Maino)

Bet you didn’t expect MAINO to show up in a post about Black History. This is a guy known for being a goon’s goon and generally being as anti-MLK as possible. Watch that video and tell me he didn’t make poor Jenks uncomfortable as all hell. I disagree with the man’s stupid violent methods, but … Continue reading