What We Can Learn from Stephen A. Smith

This post comes to us via a generous contribution from @SeeSenyour, a good friend of mine and a knowledgeable voice about basketball and sports commentary.   On July 25th 2014, ESPN Anchor Stephen A. Smith went on national television and said this about domestic violence: “We know they’re wrong. We know they’re criminal. We know they … Continue reading

The Brooklyn Nets Feed the Post

If you didn’t know yet, the New Jersey Nets have become the Brooklyn Nets and are embarking upon a slight rebranding campaign based in hip-hop imagery and a sleek Black & White frills-free design template allegedly designed by the (minority) boss himself, Jay-Z. Personally, I think it’s pretty cool. You got the home of hip-hop … Continue reading

28 Black People that Make White People (and Reggie Miller) Uncomfortable (Charles Barkley)

I love Sir Charles. I’m pretty sure he’s drunk on-air about half the time, and he just clearly doesn’t give a shit. He is the king of making EVERYONE uncomfortable, but especially Ernie (the resident white guy). There’s plenty videos of him talking shit and cursing on air. The above is one of him saying … Continue reading