Speak Not In Mournful Numbers

It’s Black history month. You know what that means: elementary classrooms all across this nation of ours will be inculcating in the impressionable youth names like Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Park, Marcus Garvey, and Thurgood Marshall. A diverse group of talented individuals that make up approximately 13% of the country will be reduced to … Continue reading

Disturbed About Man

Usually, I try to inject humor into everything here. I mean that’s the point right? I’m just trying to color things the way I see them. There’s something funny in a lot of stories, and I think the only way to really synthesize things is to put them all into perspective and laugh a bit. … Continue reading

Stats on Stats on Stats

So I just came across a recent report in news outlets and the blogosphere that showed how poorly Blacks and Hispanics did in the last recession. It was pretty damn bad. Hispanic wealth fell by about 66% and Black wealth fell about 53%. Hell, even Asians felt the bite, losing about 54% of their wealth. … Continue reading