Taking BET to Task

Look. To begin, this isn’t a wrathful indignant attack on BET’s programming or how they “poison our people” by some overzealous Black righteous type. I’m pretty sure you can find enough of those on the internet. The programming on BET isn’t more ignorant, terribly done or shameful to people in general than the programming on … Continue reading

The Adjustment Negro

As we roam this earth, interacting with this beautiful mosaic that we call The Human Race, we are constantly in search of true comfort.  When you’re comfortable, you’re contented, safe and free of vexation.  Just look at the  proportion of notable historical events can be attributed to our desire for comfort. We find comfort in wealth, … Continue reading

Herman Coon

Just a few days ago I wrote a blog post exclaiming how I thought that regardless of Herman Cain’s views or side of the aisle, I thought he was good for the political process and a symbol for Black progress that showed that we could make it even in the most hostile of fields on … Continue reading

Should We Be Proud of Herman Cain?

Who would have thought we would live to see the day when we had TWO viable Black candidates for the Presidency? For whatever reason it seems that George W. Bush was such an awful President that he made Black candidates (and Black politicians as a whole) apparently much more palatable to the country as a … Continue reading

The Top 10 Moments in Coon History

It’s Friday, so I decided to drop something light to enjoy before the long weekend. In celebration of T.I.’s recent world-fail-record-setting performance of being sent back to prison before he could even make it home, I decided to look at ten moments in history that really define the unfortunate role of buffoonery in Black culture. … Continue reading

My (Tar) Baby Can Read!

Most of you have probably already heard about the huge news in Washington that’s being talked about across the country: The awful debt ceiling deal a certain Republican Congressman calling President Obama a tar baby. Representative Lamborn is currently under fire from a lot of folks from what was, at the very least, a regrettable … Continue reading

I Am Legend

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been relocated to the good old District of Columbia for a summer internship. I work right across from the Hill and I’m in and out of there just about every day. I’ve been here for going on two weeks and, while I love my job, something … Continue reading

The Obama Conspiracy

Odds are, you’ve been keeping up with the so-called “birther debate” surrounding speculation about Barack Obama’s birthplace. If you haven’t, come out from under your rock and check this out: And the birthers aren’t some fringe element of a few crazy folks. Recent polls show almost half of all Republicans believe that Mr. President was … Continue reading

I Am Not a Chia Pet

First of all….just look at that ridiculous picture. But seriously where can I buy a Happy Chia Obama? Ok, on to the story. So I was in the office the other day, and made the terrible terrible mistake of calling my barber to make an appointment while in the office (I KEEP doing this). My … Continue reading

“The Blacks” and Me

Damn….I guess he really does have a good relationship with “the blacks.” Good for him. Really only posting this for The Root article about his recent stupid statements and how he may have cost himself the black vote. Check the excerpt: While African Americans still support Obama at an 85 percent clip, contrary to popular … Continue reading