Occupied!: A Banker’s Perspective

**Editor’s note: this is our first guest blog in our Occupied! series. This is from a good friend of mine, @ColdSkrilla, who is a Spelman alumna and is in investment banking in Chicago. This is a bit different perspective for us, and I think it offers a lot of balance to the conversation. Remember, if … Continue reading

Occupied!: I’m not buying it

Continuing in our Occupied! series, I thought I might weigh in with my feelings about the Occupy Movement. I thought I might admit upfront that I have only been watching the movement from afar. I live in Washington, DC. From what I have heard, there are a fair amount of protesters here in the District. … Continue reading

Occupied!: The Curse of the 99

**From now until when we feel like stopping, we’ll be running quasi-daily posts on different perspectives about the Occupy Movement. This will include a mix of 40 Acres Authors and guest contributors.  If you want to contribute anything, an article, a poem, a picture, a story, or whatever, just hit us up at** Most … Continue reading


What’s up guys. I’ve been loafing on the posts here lately. Grad school plus work has been a serious drain on free time. But I’ve got like 10 posts in the pipe so to speak that I really want to get out, so be on the lookout for new stuff in the next week, including … Continue reading