Guest Blog~Alone at the Top?

**Editor’s Note** Our first guest blog was a hit, and we’re trying to keep it going (if interested hit us up As we continue to make progress on the site redesign and making it better for you, we still want to increase collaboration and our reach. Let us know of any good ideas for … Continue reading

Black Ops

Ok, let’s get this out of the way. Everyone in your office already knows you’re black (unless you go the Sammy Sosa route) and most likely they’ve already come up with stereotypes based on that. We know, we’ve talked about it here before. The sad part about it is that several of these stereotypes are … Continue reading

TML~The Race Flag?

You ALL know that one guy who blames everything on white people and racism. That one person who screams “racist!” and gets belligerent every time they receive even the smallest slight. Well, this video shows us the solution. The “race flag.” Enjoy

TML~Rosa Parks?

These guys are hilarious. “Get up, move it lady…get to the back”

The Potluck~An Office Survival Guide

Look, odds are if you work at an office or are in grad school you’ll be invited to some sort of potluck dinner (or lunch during the day). The invitation will tell you to bring a dish (or even what type of dish) and the people will tell you that the potluck is “kinda like … Continue reading

The Morning Laugh (Competition in the Workplace)

TOBE is at it again. Don’t start an office facial hair arms race.

The Truth About “Diversity” (Pt 1 of 3)

I happen to be on my grad school department’s diversity committee as well as the minority recruitment team at my place of employment. When I was asked to do a diversity website review of other schools and departments to see if we could add something, I did a week-long search through both corporate and school … Continue reading

Uncle Thom’s Elevator (Unintentional Racism Files)

Welp, today’s story involves a character I’ve written something about, and we will write about more in the future: The Other Black Employee (TOBE for short, pronounced “tob-ee”). TOBE is usually our worst enemy and our best friend. If TOBE is of the opposite gender, then the office will inevitably always try to set you … Continue reading

The Office N*gga Moment (In Film)

I’m not a serious TV watcher. I really only watch whatever sports is on in the few hours I have a day outside of work and school. Since I don’t really keep up with shows, I love when I see good commercials, especially ones that I think have unintended (and funny) racial undertones. Enter the … Continue reading