Everything Has Changed & Nothing Has Changed

“When it comes to the economy, when it comes to inequality, when it comes to wealth, when it comes to the challenges that inner cities experience, [Martin Luther King, Jr.] would say that we have not made as much progress as the civil and social progress that we’ve made, and that it’s not enough just … Continue reading

How Dare You Call Me Racist, N*gger

There aren’t many words in the English language that can incite as much pain and hate as the word “nigger. Almost every racial and ethnic group has a disparaging and offensive slur associated with them, but nigger  is easily the most notorious. The majority of White people in the United States called Black people niggers when slavery was cool. … Continue reading

The Paradigm Shift: The Origins of the Post-Racial Fantasy

It’s part of the (sarcastic) tagline of our site. The concept of “post-racial America” is something that raged about and discussed ad nauseum in the blogosphere, especially here. If you’re new to things here, then I think the term, and the implication that we are somehow past the racial and cultural issues that plagued and … Continue reading