The T-Dog Theory: The Walking Dead and Politics


Let me get started by saying this: “The Walking Dead” blows. It certainly used to be great, but it appears that chimpanzees have gradually replaced humans as principle writers. The season finale was laughably boring and had no sense of pacing or drama. Somehow, the writers managed to make a boring finale episode of a … Continue reading

Why I’m Moving to Canada

I’m sorry guys…I’ve had it with the United States. I just can’t do it any more. I put up with commercials with Black folks pop-locking with chicken and ads telling us to wash the Black away. I’ve put up with so many other slights and racist things but this one thing has finally forced my … Continue reading

The Morning Laugh (Black Republican)

Check it out. I have the flu today so this was the best I could find. Still pretty funny, especially the McDonald’s bit.

The Morning Laugh (Michael Steele Goes Urban)

That crossover at :18 is PRICELESS. Ankles. But yeah, I would so be a Republican if they all did this…and actually enforced policies that helped minorities advance. Yeah. Cue up “Black Republican.”