And so begins the (perhaps logical) ending to this blog’s “RG3 Cycle” that has been written this season (and my second Wagner reference in two posts). Over the past calendar year, I’ve dedicated a couple thousand words to chronicling the birth, ascent, and controversy surrounding a sports phenomenon here in DC the likes of which … Continue reading

“What Do His Braids Say to You?”

I promise this isn’t another Robert Griffin III post. I’m pretty sure that if I write about him one more time during the season, I have to carry his shoulder pads, so I’m chilling. But when RG3 was busy NOT being the subject of high-praising 40 Acres posts, First Take commentators decided to have a … Continue reading


**Note** This post is a follow-up to¬†our pre-draft assessment of Robert Griffin III in “Intangibles,” which looked at the racial elements behind some of the characterizations of the QB and the QB he rivaled for the top spot, Andrew Luck** Count me among the surprised at the amazing season Sir Robert Griffin III has turned … Continue reading