How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the USMNT

**Editor’s note: This post comes to us as a contribution from @BaelessSkip. We don’t talk much about the Beautiful Game here, but I know there are some fans. So take a little time to read this if you don’t watch a lot of soccer and enjoy his perspective on why Black Americans should root for the … Continue reading

What We Can Learn from Stephen A. Smith

This post comes to us via a generous contribution from @SeeSenyour, a good friend of mine and a knowledgeable voice about basketball and sports commentary.   On July 25th 2014, ESPN Anchor Stephen A. Smith went on national television and said this about domestic violence: “We know they’re wrong. We know they’re criminal. We know they … Continue reading

God Made a (Black) Farmer

  One of the most well-executed and highly-discussed commercials of Super Bowl Sunday was another turn in nostalgia-as-promotion as Dodge used a haunting speech by Paul Harvey over a series of moving images of farmers to advertise their Ram trucks. I thought it was pretty cool stuff, and coming from a family and part of … Continue reading

Steal Home

  Today we honor one of the legends of Black Excellence. Today is Jackie Robinson’s birthday, and on the eve of Black History Month, I’d just like to pay tribute to perhaps the most important Black athlete (hell, maybe the most important American athlete) of all time. This was the man who integrated the sport … Continue reading


And so begins the (perhaps logical) ending to this blog’s “RG3 Cycle” that has been written this season (and my second Wagner reference in two posts). Over the past calendar year, I’ve dedicated a couple thousand words to chronicling the birth, ascent, and controversy surrounding a sports phenomenon here in DC the likes of which … Continue reading


**Note** This post is a follow-up to our pre-draft assessment of Robert Griffin III in “Intangibles,” which looked at the racial elements behind some of the characterizations of the QB and the QB he rivaled for the top spot, Andrew Luck** Count me among the surprised at the amazing season Sir Robert Griffin III has turned … Continue reading


In the upcoming NFL draft, Andrew Luck is being hyped as the sure-fire first overall pick. He’s one of those guys pegged to one day be a Hall of Famer before he even takes a snap. Some say he’s even better looking than Peyton. Coming in slightly behind him in QB rankings in the draft … Continue reading

Tiger Tiger Woods Yall!

First of all, fuck the Masters. Alright, that was a poor start, but I had to get that off my chest. I’ve hated the Masters since my dad taught me to as a kid. It’s not a secret that the Augusta National Golf Club is THE good ole (white) boys’ club. The place where the … Continue reading

28 Black People Who Make White People Uncomfortable (Satchel Paige)

If you haven’t heard the story about Jackie Robinson integrating the Big Leauges then you probably weren’t born in the US. Jackie is the pitcher brought up by White folks as one of their favorite players and is an MLB historical favorite because he proves that they were changing their minds on race and becoming … Continue reading