Optimized Duality

I’m a grown ass man. I’ve been saying that since I was eighteen years old but being grown is relative. I’m sure when I’m fifty, I’ll look back and say, “You ain’t know shit boy”. Until then, I’d like to think of myself as pleasantly seasoned at the comfy quarter-century mark. Seen a lot of life with … Continue reading

Still a Nigga in a Suit

I was working on a Power Point presentation yesterday when a reminder popped up on my screen for a virtual meeting. The firm’s vice president (and fellow Black man), Mr. J.Thomas, would be in attendance and the entire research division was invited. I clicked on the reminder and a video feed of a conference room … Continue reading


Stereotypes always come from a little bit of truth right?  Maybe, but it seems that the truth can be stretched a bit.  As I’ve interacted with people of different races, I’ve noticed that many stereotypes are some bullshit. They say that Black people can dance. We’re supposed to be the most dancing-ass people in the … Continue reading