On the Supreme Court and “Black Privilege”

Today the Supreme Court of the United States will hear oral arguments in Fisher v the University of Texas, a case which we have written about, and you should know about as far as its chances to change affirmative action law in this country. The case is being hailed as a “pivotal,” “landmark” case in … Continue reading

Affirmative Action Now, Affirmative Action Tomorrow, and Affirmative Action FOREVER

I understand that many who read this blog are much like myself: Black and pursuing post-graduate education. We managed to graduate college, and, realizing that our opportunities would grow if we got more education, applied and got into a graduate program in some field. Without knowing for certain, however, many of us likely benefited from … Continue reading

They Reminisce Over You~The Execution of Troy Davis

I write this with sorrow in my heart. A sorrow that was unexpected and connected to the plight of a man who i have never met and who was first sentenced to death when I was only a baby. It is a sense of sadness, not only for Troy himself, but for his family and … Continue reading

I Am Troy Davis

I am fivefifths. I am a writer on a blog which quickly became more than what I expected it to be (thanks to you all we just reached 50,00 views!). I am a student and a teacher. I am an employee with a job I love and hate. I have friends, and I have great … Continue reading