Post [Election] Race America

The race for presidential office of the United States is over and whether or not you agree with the electoral college’s selection, your feelings of uncertainty have surely been reduced to a degree. President Obama tried to convey a sense of optimism regarding the future of this nation and its ability to achieve great heights … Continue reading

Why Lupe Fiasco Needs to Chill

Lupe Fiasco, pictured in his video for "Bitch Bad"

Some time ago, I began to write a post about Lupe Fiasco in an attempt to make sense of his change in musical style/subject matter (which I don’t think has shifted much, but many seem to) through an analysis of his song, “Bitch Bad”, from his forthcoming album, “Food & Liquor 2: The Great American … Continue reading

The Bubble of Ignorance

We live a time when people can find validation and reinforcement with ease.  We have more autonomy over what we see and hear than ever before.  We can watch Game of Thrones or Ratchet Housewives of Wherever any time we want, instead of rearranging our schedules to get home by prime time.  Our radio stations … Continue reading

Rue This

The non-Trayvon Martin-related racial issue (I stopped writing about it for a while because the absolute clusterfuck of misinformation, stupid opinions, and racism out there on it is kind of irksome) of the moment is the controversy over the race of a fictional character in a movie. As you probably know, a lot of the … Continue reading