Everything Has Changed & Nothing Has Changed

“When it comes to the economy, when it comes to inequality, when it comes to wealth, when it comes to the challenges that inner cities experience, [Martin Luther King, Jr.] would say that we have not made as much progress as the civil and social progress that we’ve made, and that it’s not enough just … Continue reading

How Dare You Call Me Racist, N*gger

There aren’t many words in the English language that can incite as much pain and hate as the word “nigger. Almost every racial and ethnic group has a disparaging and offensive slur associated with them, but nigger  is easily the most notorious. The majority of White people in the United States called Black people niggers when slavery was cool. … Continue reading

I Am Not A Slave

Staff meetings are always weird in my office.  My consulting team is very diverse, and everybody’s just trying their best to communicate with each other.  We all mediate racial, gender, political and generational differences while trying to figure out what holiday event we’re having  this year. During the closing minutes of last week’s meeting, we … Continue reading


I’ve been doing field observations in different cities for the last month or so.  I used to be excited to go on business trips, now I actually fantasize about being at my desk at the office when I’m driving a rental car at 5 o’clock in the morning in the middle of nowhere.  Plus these … Continue reading

The Land of No Code-Switch

The racial composition of my office is pretty diverse.  This means that everyone employs some behavioral adjustments to better communicate with one another and exhibit some cultural sensitivity.  Of course people slip up, which is why I’ve posted so much on this blog.  It’s always interesting to witness people in specific demographics change their behavior when they are surrounded … Continue reading

In The Club

My Labor Day weekend went off without a hitch.  I got things done, I ran errands, I partied, I potlucked.  There were so many people in town that I had to schedule my weekend activities on Outlook. I got new followers, new “friends”, new subscribers and nobody got arrested; it was a win. The highlight … Continue reading


Code switching. Most of us do it.  Some of us turn down the African American Vernacular English (“You seen this email?” vs. “Have you seen this email?”) or maybe hold off on the “rapper hands” annotating each rap lyric thumping through your earphones. Code switching also encompasses thoughts and behaviors that are effected by stereotype … Continue reading

For Novelty’s Sake

The post-racial society.  A time in which people think racism doesn’t exist anymore simply because you can’t go around town killing Black men all willy-nilly. There are reoccurring arguments from academic communities that suggest that there is no such thing as “race”, and that we are all really distant relatives from Africa (Hey! We’re all Black!).  Other arguments state … Continue reading

That’s So Ghetto! (Pt. II)

That’s So Ghetto! Most of the managers were out of the office on Monday for a training conference, so the coworkers threw a party (naturally). Nothing out of control, we just told everybody to grab food and meet in the conference room to watch YouTube videos during lunch. We made a grocery list and everyone … Continue reading

BlackWhite Handshake

We’ve done posts in the past about the handshake dilemma between Black and White people. When Black people and White people introduce themselves to each other in the office, everyone pretty much sticks to the standard handshake (unless you work for some phone app development company where dudes where ironic t-shirts and everyone wears knitted … Continue reading