The Paradigm Shift: The Origins of the Post-Racial Fantasy

It’s part of the (sarcastic) tagline of our site. The concept of “post-racial America” is something that raged about and discussed ad nauseum in the blogosphere, especially here. If you’re new to things here, then I think the term, and the implication that we are somehow past the racial and cultural issues that plagued and … Continue reading

Talk on “the Talk”

After the Trayvon Martin case came to national prominence, there was much discussion about the “Talk” that every Black boy gets from his mother or whomever that contains time-honored instructions to be successful as a young Black man and fly below the radar of majority stereotypes and racism. We talked about it here (proudly, may … Continue reading

The People Downstairs

So I live in a pretty great place. Got a pretty sweet deal on it. I rent a condo that came pre-furnished with an awesome living room set (including a huge big screen TV), a bomb ass kitchen set (prestocked with wine and like 5 different kinds of syrup), and a pretty good setup overall. … Continue reading


What’s up guys! I know we’ve been gone for a while, but I was too busy celebrating Kwanzaa to really post much. Just kidding, but I have really been working to come up with ideas to expand the site a little. There are a lot of places I think we can go with what 40 … Continue reading

What if Roger Goodell Were Black?

I’m pretty sure a good number of you, especially the football fans among you, have read the article by TourĂ© in ESPN the Magazine and about the circumstances that would surround Michael Vick if he were white. I thought it was well-written and a pretty decent insight into how race really does factor into … Continue reading

Disturbed About Man

Usually, I try to inject humor into everything here. I mean that’s the point right? I’m just trying to color things the way I see them. There’s something funny in a lot of stories, and I think the only way to really synthesize things is to put them all into perspective and laugh a bit. … Continue reading

Wangsta Party?

I feel like I really can’t go a day without some silly racist bullshit crossing my timeline/stream/feed/Google Reader. But I guess that’s good because it gives me something to write about, right? So the most recent incident was a news report I sawabout a Black student at Red Wing High School in Minnesota filing a … Continue reading

Casey Anthony = OJ?

Before we get started, the answer is “no.” Now that we got that out of the way, I recently had a pretty interesting conversation with my fellow intern. You know, the one that walked in on me eating chicken and dancing that one time. Yeah, that one. We spent most of the day in meetings … Continue reading